Best Growth Hacks Technics

Here are the growth hacks that worked the best for me:

Build Social Proof

Signup your SaaS to every single SaaS directory and gather reviews. You will get free exposure on well ranked websites and social proof in form of embeddable testimonial widgets that you can use on your landing pages.

Bid on competitor’s Brand in PPCs

This should not be your main campaign nor should take the majority of budget spend, but bidding on competitor’s branded keywords is much less expensive and brings in quality traffic. Watch for trademarked terms and always follow Google’s guidelines.

Google My Business

Google has been pushing the My Business product quite hard lately and it has been getting a lot of traction. Try to list your SaaS company’s physical location, get some reviews and release updates in statuses. Get free real estate space in Google’s SERPs.

Outdoor Billboard

DuckDuckGo’s billboard placed at San Francisco’s SOMA disctrict fulll of techies has become a legend already.

Social selling

Ever head of the term social selling? Use tools like Orca to get 30+ qualified weeks every day by “looking at their linkedin profiles” 🙂 It’s actually a well thought strategy best explained by the image below

Powered by in your widgets

Brand up. Referrals from branded widgets or just seeing your product being used on a website can bring as much as 30% of new leads. Again, very easy to implement and brings tremendous results

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